Monday, March 2, 2015

Yang Satu

My love for Allah,
I cannot explain with word,
No one will understand,
And those who understand,
Must be the one who loves Allah,
If not more, as i do.

My love for Allah,
Sometimes make me do things people think is weird,
And sometimes make people think i'm crazy,
Sometimes it hurt me,
And it test my patience,
Sometimes it make me so happy i want to be a nearer to Allah,
But when it makes me sad,
I want to be even nearer to Allah.

No matter what people say,
No matter what people think,
I will never stop loving Allah,
The one and only God,
The almighty,
Even if people will say i'm crazy...

what can i do?
I'm deeply in love with Allah :')

*aku percaya setiap JanjiMu Allah, Sesungguhnya kau tidak memungkiri Janji.*

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